« Being and seeing ! »
a look from your heart

from July 27th to August 2nd 2019

This course is part of the curriculum for the training of yoga techniques in education.

Let's learn benevolence

Benevolence is a look, benevolence is a smile. Experience also tells us that it is an inner state able to illuminate all our encounters with the world, especially in learning situations. The reason is obvious: no one has ever proved that withdrawal and fear can foster the listening or a better assimilation of knowledge. It's just the opposite: in a relaxed environment, one learns better. Looking at the child from the heart with goodwill, reduces stress, wipes off doubts, awakens self-esteem and joyfully brings closer the soul of the teacher and the soul of the learner. All those who, trained in yoga, are committed to educating the new generations, are invited to join us at the EURYE 2019 Congress in Barcelona, a city well known for its creativity. Your presence will highlight a growing success in the transmission of knowledge.

Micheline Flak
Fondatrice du RYE

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Conference : « Being and seeing ! » a look from your heart

Micheline Flak : Yoga in School. A Primer for Teachers and Parents.

David Bueno : The brain and the learning process.

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URYE: the union of all the RYE

The EURYE association (European Union of R.Y.E. associations) was created on March 22, 2000 at UNESCO in Paris, at a symposium chaired by Swami Niranjan himself. In addition to Micheline Flak, founder of this association, were Jacques de Coulon and Jean Luc Vidua, the current president of EURYE. Renowned guests from the French and Indian academic worlds took part in the colloquium to wish this new international organization a long life.

What is the action that has motivated the EURYE union? Its goal is to spread yoga at school in all the countries of the world.

This year, we welcome RYE Switzerland, which has just been founded, and which is added to all the RYE Associations (Recherche sur le Yoga dans l'éducation).